Warlords of Lagnor?

Hey gang! yes…i do realise it has just been over two months since i started this blog…but something called life and reality happened!

However, today i’m here to talk about the new expansion of World of Wacraft



although… it hasn’t been that great… here are a few reasons why:

  1. QUEUING: the queuing is bloody ridiculous, most of the servers (well definitely my server) has the most ridiculous que which lasts for a good few hours until you are logged out…not so grand when you’ve been waiting for this expansion to come out.
  2. THE LAG: yep, you heard, the servers are ridiculously laggy, but i mean hats off to blizzard who are trying their bloody hardest considering there is a LOT of players all playing at the same time.
  3. FIND THE NPC: obviously, because there is a lot of players, its very hard to find your npc to get quests and…complete…quests..

ALL IN ALL THOUGH, from the 2 hours i’ve played of WoD i’m quite impressed with it :3 i love the story of trying to defeat the iron horde and what not, and i can’t wait to see were the story will take us 🙂



Hey gang, and welcome to my new blog Games with Jinxy!

On this blog i’ll be talking anything from Game Reviews, Game releases, Let’s Play videos and anything I think us gamer’s would be interested in.

But first i think its time you got to know a little bit about me, as you know, you’re on my blog…and well it’s nice to know someone, right?

My name is Jinxy (Obviously not my real name, but its a name I use for a lot of internet things nowadays!)

I am a fresher student at Falmouth University studying Digital Games Design.

I have been playing games since I ever got my first PlayStation (and bare in mind, back in the 90’s majority of games were platforms!)

I have always had time to play games, and now i finally get to fulfil my dream and hopefully end up being a games designer 🙂

But anyway, enough about me! 😉

In the next post i’ll be talking about new game releases Destiny (the new open world shooter (thank you Josh for correcting me 😛 ) that has come out for ps4!. Now unfortunately, I’m not lucky enough to have a ps4, BUT I will be telling you mainly about the game, what I think are Pro’s and Con’s about it. AND HECK who knows, I might even be able to play it soon!), The Sims 4 (I don’t know about you, but I was addicted to The Sims when i was a kid), InFamous: first light DLC and once every week i will be putting up a future release that I’m stupidly excited for!

So stay tuned for more!!